Foundation : Spiritual Love Making

My partner and I have created this Foundation to Spiritual Love Making. This is a straight forward way to make the most divine love. This form of love making is not the conventional way of making love.This is not about orgasms.

This is about the most divine love and connection to " I."

This is about creating a third body of energy around two people from spiritual love making. We are assuming that the reader will not have any experience with this type of love making, but if you do, you will find much useful information in what follows. Making love with the intention of connecting to the universe inside your partner is something even a spiritually experienced person would enjoy learning more about. This is for beginners and spiritually advanced. The content in this site is free, and there is no better time then now.

Foundation : Spiritual Love Making - Video Books

1) 8 Essential Practices 6:22 min

2) 7 Dos and Dont's 7:18 min

3) Spiritual Relationships 4:01 min

Note : Please watch all three video books in a row. Also click the expand button on the bottom right hand corner of the Video Books then change resolution to 480p for easier reading.

Note : When you see the words " I "  or " we " - place those words on your I or we.
(  focus your attention in your own experience )  ( I = You Inside ) ( We = Your Team )

Example : My partner and I have a special understanding. We understand that we are not looking for any answers, we have found the solution and now we are living it.

My partner and I have focused our attention on what really grow our spiritual relationship. We have come to the conclusion that unless we have a good reason for living, this information wont effect us very much. Having a purpose to live is the act of giving yourself permission to enjoy life. Our purpose must be about enjoying life and growing inside. Using others solely as our purpose, example... kids, job, partner is taking their energy for my benefit.

My partner and I move to be courageous in everything we do. We have come up with these questions to ask each other. We feel that they really get the most prosperous growth out of our spiritual relationship. We understand we must be courageous with a smile.

Questions :
Do I feel that I deserve to have a partner in my life that chooses to grow to know who they are inside?

Do I feel that my partner deserves to have someone in their life that chooses to grow to know who they are inside?

Do I feel that I deserve to enjoy life?    Do I intend on enjoy life?

Do I feel that my partner deserves to enjoy life?   Does my partner intend on enjoying life?
My partner and I have the idea that our purpose is about "team work.
That way it will benefit her, I , and the team. The team is a third body of energy that we have created around us at all times. We strengthen the third body of energy when we making love. We move to get to know the " I " inside each other. We feel that getting to know the I inside each other is directly moving to enjoy life in the most prosperous way. We each move to gain personal power to contribute to the team. Personal power starts with not giving my power away. We both can see that living in the past or the future is not who we are now. We move to be and know who we are now more with meditation and spiritual love making. 

Man and Woman's relationship is 90% love and 10% noble purpose.

Noble Purpose = Benefiting Mankind for Free

Making spiritual love creates a presence around the team  that allows others to feel comfortable and in a relaxed environment. As if the environment becomes more still.

Making Love benefits everyone.

Supporting anyone who chooses to grow to know who they are inside is a beautiful act.

This is an everyday effort to grow to know who I am inside.

I must know that I am my own master.
The choice is always in my hands.

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