Power Talk

Power Talk
( practical guild to powerful communication)

This guild will describe specifically how to win every single conversation through inspiration. The way to win is for everyone to win. Create a reality that is based off of truth and something you believe in with all your heart. When you believe in something passionately,  you will have a frame of reference or perception of the world that can never be shaken up.

Frame Control
  • Project a reality that is irresistible and collapses others reality into yours.
  • The power of frames is the power to control meaning in any interaction. 
  • Create a frame that everyone enjoys being around you and talking to you.
  • Be a frame that sub-communicates abundance for everyone.
  • Be accountable for your actions and everything that is attracted to you.

Inspire others and find the positive frame in every situation. Believe that you are a person that people love to be around and speak with. Believe that there is abundance for all, and that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

 Frame Wars

Customer - Frame 1 - Oh no not another sales man to tell me what to do with my money.
Sales Man - Frame 2 - Today is your luckiest day, there are some wonderful oportuniteis that could happen for you today.

Woman - Frame 1 - Oh no, not another Man to hit on me.
Man - Frame 2 - Today is your luckiest day, there are some wonderful opportunities that could happen for you today.

Man - Frame 1 -  I am not having a good day at all.
Woman - Frame 2 - The weather is really beautiful right now, I love how the sun shines over the ocean.

Note : Who ever wins the frame gets control over the conversation. At the beginning of every conversation there is going to be a test to see which frame wins and takes control of the conversation.The idea is to know your truth and sub-communicate a genuine presence.

Tools To Win The Frame
  1. Maintaining my frame - maintain your own view of reality no matter what. Imagine and arrow in flight or a train moving on a one track. You are unstoppable. People are testing unconsciously how genuine you are and if the test comes back to them that you are genuine, then they will say your way must be the right way.
  2. Pre Framing - Setting up what you choose to have them understand is true and what they should be paying attention to. You will be maintaining your frame off of this. 
  3. Re Framing - Don’t look at it this way, look at it that way. This is the idea that every cloud has a silver lining. Re Framing is re directing the attention of the person onto something else. 
  4. De Framing - Offensive Defense, This is a way to immediately undermine the conversation at the core. This is the Jedi arts of frame control.  
  • Maintaining My Frame = You are a rock, unmovable.
  • Pre Frame = Goliath, take one look an think they cannot challenge that frame.
  • Re Frame =  David and Goliath, David sees the challenge and steps up to the plate.
  • De Frame =  Navy Seals, goes around the side and attack from a different angle.

Pre Frame and Maintaining Frame
Create an strong Pre Frame so that there will be no objection at all to what you are saying. 

Pre Frame - Feeling good is the cornerstone of all successful people. There is nothing move important than feeling good in every aspect of your life. Conversation - All emotion comes from the past. You have the ability to control how you feel right now. If you can smile now and feel good then you can be successful in feeling good, and that is true success. Don't live in the past or future, stay in the present and feel good successfully.

What is the desired outcome? Do you choose to inspire or expand their narrow view in life?

What is your image of that person? You must have a positive image of the person you are talking with to sub-communicate inspiration.

What would have to be true for someone to be truly inspired?

The person you are talking to must have a desire to become a powerful person, intelligent being, become free, or enjoy life to be receptive to your inspiration. If they have a frame that corresponds with the inspiration you are saying, then be inspired they will. 

Sub communications are what maintain a frame. If you genuinely feel you want the best for that person, that will be sub-communicated. When you sub-communicate that you are someone that everyone enjoys talking, they will feel that on a very deep level.  

-Re Frame
Context Re Frame - Maintain the same behavior or situation, but change the context to make it more valuable.
Meaning Re Frame - Change what the situation actually means. Don’t look at it this way, look at it that way.

Context Re Frame -  Man likes to have safe cars with low horse power, (Re) well a good acceleration will help overtake dangerous cars to get out of the situation safe and fast. Sub-Communicating, this could be the most intelligent way to look at it.

Context Re Frame - Man makes diner for friends and thinks he did an "ok"  job, (Re) you did a great job, we are grateful to have an awesome friend like you. You inspire me to be a better friend to all my friends. Sub-Communicating, true appreciation and genuine acknowledgment. 

Meaning Re Frame - Problem between two people at work, one is harshly critical and the other is hurt from the criticism. (Re) perhaps they were expecting an attack from you and choose to attack first. Sub-Communicating, we are all responsible for everything that happens in our lives. 

Meaning Re Frame - Woman is upset at husband for not helping around the house, (Re) maybe your husband feels you are not appreciating him for the help he already gives you, or you are not appreciating him for something else he is doing for you and the family. Sub-Communicating, To get anything you must give.  

Context Re - In what situation would this problem or behavior be worth while having? 
Meaning Re - What else could this same set of facts mean so that it would be more beneficial than the current perception.

-De Framing
Offer a counter challenge that is more important than the original challenge. De Frames draw their power from not meeting a challenge head on but by going around the side.

Example - CEO, Why should I hire you? Challenging tone. Contractors Response, well there must be some misunderstanding and you are probably right, we shouldn’t do any work together.
Sub-Communicating, what we do is so valuable, that if you don’t want it, there will be plenty of people around that do.

Turn the frame around on people by challenging a completely different idea then what has been presented.

Best results come from a genuine humor or joke.
Example - Hey your sandwich looks bad for you, are you sure you should be eating it? Criticism Tone. Humor Response - Hey you trying to steal my sandwich, No you can’t have any of this. Sub-communicating, your objection is really silly when you think about it.

Humor - De Frame, must be genuine from the heart, this can easily be viewed as sarcasm. You must be confident in your frame to present a De Frame. Once a De Frame has been successfully deployed, the person will collapse their reality into yours. 

Ego De Frame
Example - I don’t want to by that car, its to expensive. (De) I am glad you said that because I always get quite nervous selling this model, people don’t realize how much power you get out of this car for the money. To be honest, I am not sure that people looking to buy in this price range know how to handle a car like this. While my boss makes me show this car to people, I am really quite glad when people go for something smaller more sedate or safe and secure.
Sub-Communicating, are you man enough to drive this car?
You have to make sure the De Frame is going to meet the challenge of the person. If you are talking a family man that is looking for a safe car, this De Frame wont work.

Maintain Your Frame

You are very secure in who you are, what you are, and what you are doing. Be firmly planted in your reality. There is a very healthy way to be passionate of what you are talking about. Take a lesson from the very passionate people in the world. See how they are sub-communicating how they truly believe in what they are saying. People that do not believe in what they are saying are sub-communicating, they are lying and not to believe them.

Reality Test -  We are sending out little pings to the people around us to confirm the way they look at the world is the same way we look at the world. That way we know we are in a reasonable state of sanity and can live within the society. When we get pings back that tell us NO NO this is the way it is, we need to unconsciously readjust our expectation of the way the world works. That is how reality tests work, we take our cues from our environment to see if things are still correct.

Passionate people inspire people to expand their mind in to a bigger reality. Passionate believe in what they are doing so much, that there is nothing that can shake them from their frame of perception. Passionate people are rock solid with their ideas and sub-communicate that in every conversation also they are an enjoyable person to talk to, and that there is an abundance of every thing. 

Challenges To Your Frame

When there is a challenge to your frame, there is going to be a large amount of pressure for you to conform. When people give into the pressure, they give up their frame and collapse their reality into the other persons reality.

When enough pings come back as NO, there will be a unconscious need to change their perception. When you send out enough pings to someone, they will abandon their reality and adopt the new one.

Example - Special forces training is very rigorous. The training puts them under a large amount of pressure. Part of their training is to be put in a field and hunted down with no food, water, or equipment and have to survive. When they get caught, they are taken to a special prison cell that has all furniture nailed to the ceiling. The chairs and table are nailed to the ceiling, and a light bulb is coming out of the floor. After being in that field for many days without food and then put in this cell, the amount of pressure on them to conform to their new reality becomes so great, that they are climbing the walls to sit on a chair nailed to the ceiling. 

This is how much peoples realities can be influenced given the right conditions. Special forces people have a very strong frame of perception or they wouldn’t have made it that far. The idea is to have such a strong frame that no one can shake you from it.

Solution - When someone challenges your frame, the simplest thing to do is to ignore it. Ignore it in such a way that its like it never even happened in the world. It doesn’t even exist.

Example -  You are talking with a friend and there are some kids that are making a lot of noise. Your friend asks kids to please be quiet. The parents of the kids get upset and get in front of you and your friend and move to pick a fight. Response -  You and your friend maintain your conversation and totally ignore the implied negative action. The idea is that it is not happening or never even exists, you don’t even see them, just maintained a nice light conversation. If the parents hit you then by all means defend yourself, but if you can maintain the frame that nothing is even there. Then those people will collapse their reality into yours, and walk away as if nothing did happen.

To be impassive is to not acknowledge the negative action. If you change your stance or look away, you are acknowledging the challenge to your frame and have collapsed your frame into the other persons reality.

If the person persists with the challenge of your frame, then look at them like this doesn’t make any since. Look at them and feel “what are you doing,” act like they are acting out of the ordinary. Sub-communicate, that they are being silly and are not making any sense. Like they are speaking a different language. If the situation calls for a Re Frame or a De Frame, then by all mean, use your tools.

Powerful Frames Of Reference

The only value in a frame is when you choose look at one way of the world, than the other. When you do that consistently, you will be able to change the way the world responds to you. You will be able to sub-communicate how you really feel inside to the world and that will attract different responses from people in your life.

Powerful Frames

Abundance - Some one who is in an abundance world has a their dignity up higher and believes that anything is possible. Other people responds to these people differently. How you perceive the world is how the world will treat you.

Accountability - People that take responsibility for the things that happen in their lives. Passionate people know that the way they perceive the world is the way the world will treat them. Naturally they are responsible for all that happens to them. Take control of your life and be responsible for the things that happen to you.

Secret Vibe -  Believe that you are the type of person that other people look up too or enjoy being around. You are the type that other people go out of their way to be around you. Most really successful people are people that other people love being around. Start a frame where you are that person, Sub-Communicate that people enjoy being around you and that you make their day. You are the person they look up too. Their inspiration.

What would you be like if you were that person? A person that everyone loves being around and feels comfortable around. If pretend to be that person and everyday go out with the frame that you are that person, and the world starts to respond to what you are presenting. Then one day you will for get that you are pretending, and are actually that person.

Powerful Exercises

-When a frame is being presented look at what is being assumed here? Is it true?

-Be sensitive to where frames are being set. If you watch the news, pay attention to what they are really trying to get across to you.

-Practice being impassive to people that are not agreeing with your frame, let there response float in the air like it was never said. That means you will have to be calm and still. Allow your voice to maintain same tone and pitch and continue with what ever you are doing.

 -Notice all the typical objection from people. Notice the frame they are setting and see how it becomes a valid frame that could collapse your reality. Within a week you will have all the info you will need to maintain your frame in any conversation.

Tools - Pre Frame, Re Frame, and De Frame. Maintain your frame.

What kind of reality could you present that could undermine the objection being presented.

Practice all the frames that present your truth. Practice being in an abundant world and being someone that everyone love to be around.

Practice finding a positive out come in every conversation. When someone says something to you start your sentence with the words - “That’s good because.” That will put your mind in a positive environment and will sub-communicate that you really wish the best for the person you are talking to.

Note :  In this site is some of the most powerful information on earth. The ability to see what is in front of you and make it your truth is the ability to become very powerful. After reading everything in this site you will possess an "Ace in the hole Trump Card" for every conversation. The only thing is for you to maintain your frame and believe in your truth. You are your own master.