3 Meditations & Manifestation

My partner and I have created these spiritual exercises. We enjoy working together as a team to create something that will benefit everyone. We understand that there is nothing more important in our lives than to create a prosperous team. There are 2 steps to ultimate creation. 1st is Spiritual Love Making, 2nd is Team Manifestation. The information that follows will describe exactly how to do both. Focus all your attention and become what you choose.

1) Opening and Cleaning Chakra Meditation : Take three rhythmic breaths learned in the Foundation to Spiritual Love Making. Take your index and middle finger and touch each chakra. Chakras are made of pure light energy. Everyday dark energy gets stuck in your chakras like a bird flying into a jet engine. Place your fingers in the middle of your chakra and push your attention inside and clean out your chakras of dark floating energy. Dark energy is cleaned immediately when focused attention is on it. After cleaning go back over chakras and push the energy from your heart chakra in all chakras.

2) Team Chakra Meditation : Once we have opened and cleaned our chakras. My teammate and I can link up each chakra together. We sit in front of each other and reach over with our two fingers and make the connection with each others chakras. We are connecting at the same time. The idea is to accumulate all the energy from my chakras and push it into each of my partners chakras. Starting at the base chakra and ending at the crown chakra. We spend as much time as we choose on each chakra. Note : Connection is immediate once attention is focused on it.

3) Making Love Chakra Meditation : Once penis and vagina are connected, I communicate about where our attention is going to start. Use our attention to link up each chakra starting with the base chakra and ending with the crown chakra. As our attention is pure intelligence and our attention is " I ", the act of making love is connecting with the intelligence of the universe inside instantly. That's the simple logical truth.

We focus our attention on each chakra. The woman is the host of the third body of energy that surrounds us both. This third body of energy is the protection and provider of the team. All life starts in the womb. Man leads and Woman hosts. We use team work to create infinite beauty in our lives. We surrender to each other. We practice these exercises everyday.

Step I - Spiritual Love Making
Man and Woman grow the team with Personal Power
(Man Personal Power + Woman Personal Power = Team)
(I = You Inside) (We = Your Team) ( Focus Attention In Own Experience)
Personal power comes from mastering the self. The self is the servant of "I." The self reminds the body that fire burns and actions have reactions, it is necessary that the self is present but that it is never inflated. When the self is inflated, fear comes in and takes over who I is. 

 Deflating the self is the act of mastering life. The self craves materials and fears the unknown ( if I have fear now, that is the self). There is death for the self, but I will never die. I is the spark of life.  I = attention, my attention is pouring though my eyes right now and reading these words. My attention is also monitoring if it is cold or hot. 

The self is a tool I use to put on a jacket. The (penis + vagina = tools used to connect to " I " through the self) or do I still think the penis and vagina are for orgasms and self satisfaction. There is no middle ground here. Either I move to slay the dragon of sex and move to spiritual love making or face the reaction of my choices. 

Along the way, Man might ejaculate. Every ejaculation is a new start. All negative thoughts or sexual thoughts hold their energy inside the self, and the testicles are part of the self. When Man can see the fresh start after the ejaculation, Man will be able to focus on what will truly bring the partnership closer. Man must control his penis and Woman must control her level of enjoyment and allow herself to enjoy life everyday. This is a two way street of giving and receiving. If one in the team is not receiving but is giving. Naturally it is only logical to see what the truth is in that scenario. Man holds power in his sperm, Woman holds power in defending herself from Mans intrusion of sex into her body temple.

What is the purpose of love? Love is the movement for two people to surrender to each other and give up all the little things that make them emotional to have an honest love. Its one things to have love, but another thing to have and honest love. In other words, to put the love for truth first. 

If I see my partner is being emotional and I move to make love with them. That is putting my partner first. Being emotional is demanding love from my partner. If I see that my partner is emotional - I ask, why are you emotional? My partner must tell me the truth. 

If there is no truth in the relationship, then there is no relationship. Just the image of one. Never put the partner before truth. Truth comes first. If I decide to put my partner first then I will be feeding the " self " and it will hurt me and my partner, and eventually erode our relationship to just material comforts. Is that the truth? Can I see  this in my own experience? Be Serious. Is this important to me?


(Formula : acknowledge beauty + offer gratefulness inside = Privilege.) Personal power attracts beauty, money, and all the other invisible things we choose to deserve in our life. But most importantly personal power is what I can contribute to my team. My ability to have personal power is at my own discretion. I am my own master. I must be accountable for my actions. No one else is in charge of my actions but me. Can I see how important personal power is in my own experience? Is it important to me to have a strong team with my partner? Personal power starts with not giving my power away. 

Seeking acceptance from others or my partner, thinking of the past and future, rational talk, thinking about what I want in a relationship, and watching TV all gives my power away.  
note : Thinking about what I want in a relationship is different than thinking about what I want in life. example : want in relationship = love, nice features, be nice, romantic, ect... - want in life = freedom, prosperity, and abundance. solution : know what I don't want in a relationship and know what I want in life. If I know what I don't want in a relationship I will get what I want. If I know what I want in life I will have to visualize what I want and be grateful for all I have to get what I want. There is a small difference in the language spoken when dealing with the wants in life. But essentially they are both one in the same. What ever I think about and thank about will come about. Who ever I am inside is what I will attract to me in a partner and in life.      

Compare Languages
The language used in this site is called " Intelligent Logic." But this language is different than what we have learned in our society. 

Societies languages - judicial, educational, and religious.

We could say our societies language has shaped us into who we are now. All the languages work as team for a certain goal. But none of them teach what is in this site.  Certainly religion would show exactly, specifically, and straight to the point how to love and be loved. How to make divine love? Is that what this site is showing me right now? Can I, in my own experience see the truth right in front of me?

How To Communicate Prosperously In A Relationship
Making spiritual love, logical talk, knowing what I don't want in a relationship, intending on what I choose, enjoying the process of becoming who I am, meditating, acknowledging the personal power in me now, not vocalizing but visualizing who I am, doing things to impress " I " and not others all gains personal power

A Man and Woman that is without " want " is a powerful team. To be without want is to be free. Can I see that in my own experience?  If I was stranded on an island with my partner and there was no way off or to rescue and we have food, shelter and each other. What else would I want? Well guess what .... We are on an island right now and all we have is our partner, but we are not stranded. The island is the third body of energy around Man and Woman. We are amongst 6 billion other people on earth. Is that the truth?

Bonus : Money is not real. It is paper that I give value to. The people that print money do not worry if they have enough money. Money is designed to create debt. Debt to the people that value money. Is that slavery? Giving value to money is giving my power away to paper. Giving my power away is allowing someone else to have my power (the architects of that paper). The power that money creates is in the beholder. Money is invisible and infinite. If I feel that I deserve money, then acknowledge beauty  + offer gratefulness inside  = get privilege. Everything that comes to me is exactly what I deserve. Privilege only comes to people that choose to deserve privilege. Become the beholder of personal power.

Remembering everything in this site is not necessary. All the content in this site is what I already know inside. The trouble was I am not acknowledging it or I am blatantly ignoring it. I might even have a level of resentment for the being who wrote this material. Move not to judge, and only acknowledge the truth. Please visit this site everyday.

Helping other people in life is like saying I am going to show an " infinite being " something they already know. If I am an infinite being that is not acknowledging the joy and love infinitely inside me. How am I going to show another infinite being how to acknowledge theirs?  

Solution : Spend my life finding who I am inside, and through my actions I will lead the way by example. When anyone asks me a question about Truth, Love, or God. I will say what naturally comes out. Not what has been programed in my brain. Be Natural - Be Joy - Be " I "

When ever the voice inside becomes more powerful than the voice outside. I have begun to master life. 

 Note : We hope the best for all who read this. Everyone is capable of attracting anything and everything they choose. The only way to achieve is to become what I choose. Becoming is different than just imagining. We are born naked and we will die naked. All that matters is who we are inside. Move to enjoy life everyday. Choose to Deserve and Become what I Choose. 

1st Spiritual Love Making - 2nd Team Manifestation

Step II - Team Manifestation
How Good Of A Life Do I Choose?
(a practical guide to manifestation )
(We = Your Team) ( I = You Inside )

I can only have what I am willing to become, and I can only receive when I am eager to give. The laws of the Universe are different than the laws of Man. 

The laws of the Universe set up the environment of vibrating energy, and since I am made of the same energy as the Universe I can be the co-creator of my ability to enjoy my life.  

Example : giving praise to all that I encounter, as if to to wish them well, will grant me the option to allow myself to enjoy life more fully. 

When I begin to give praise to everyone, I set a patten for the Universe to justify manifesting what I choose. If I am thinking negative, I will set up a pattern for negative to circle around back into my life. The Universe will always follow its laws. 

Setting a pattern is like a little stream of water flowing in the woods. When I allow myself to enjoy life and feel good for no reason. I will inevitably grow my little stream of water into the Grand Canyon. When I am flowing like the Grand Canyon the Universe will naturally justify manifesting what I have been visualizing in my inner mind. 

As a bank will loan money to a successful business owner due to their experience of prosperity. The Universe will acknowledge the genuine joy I have inside and experience I have giving joy and praise to everyone around me, and manifest what I choose to visualize in my inner mind. The Universe will look over how I have been giving and how I have been receiving from my giving. Receiving is the other side of the coin. When I receive I must feel a genuine acknowledgment that I deserve what has been given to me. I give without expecting to get, but when I get, I must immediately acknowledge that I deserve to have this attracted in my life.

Question : What do I choose?
 Speaking Universally, everyone goes about creating their own Universe in different ways. This is just a general idea for prosperous results.

Personal Power : I can immediately acknowledge I must have personal power.
  1. Personal Power is the driving force to allow me to manifest what I choose. 
  • Personal Power to eat what I think will make me feel good. 
  • Personal Power to not allow negative thoughts into my being.
  • Personal Power to allow me to feel good for no reason.
  • P.P. to acknowledge that everything in my life I have attracted.
  • P.P. to make spiritual love. To slay the dragon of sex.
Request : Once I have built a foundation of personal power and I am acknowledging it in my life right now. I am now ready to request  what I choose.

Note : I am my own master. I decide when I have personal power or not. I decide when I am making spiritual love or not. That is how the law of the Universe works. I am the only one in charge of who I am and the pattern I set.

How to ask for what I choose?
The process of asking requires discipline. Discipline that is consciously chosen ardently desired and patiently persisted.

This is a Universal choice. Choosing a house, car, garden, freedom, piece of mind, abundance of food, water, shelter.
Every single thing we talk about in this site revolves around who I am inside. Because all the significant battles are waged from with in, I will use the tools I have to win the battle. The tool I have is my attention and naturally to focus the attention inside is meditation.

Meditation : " Visualization of Being "

While in meditation after clearing all chakras, bring the energy from all chakras into the 6 chakra. Smile - visualize a blue print of some land with a house, garden, and with feelings of freedom, safety, and abundance. Holographic visualization. Imagine walking in the house and opening the back door to garden where we have infinite supply of food. Feeling the sun shine down over your land, the sent of the trees and grass. Feel it as if it is yours right now. When inside the house visualize seeing a certain amount of money on your bank statement or online banking. There could be a briefcase full of money and you pour it all over the floor and roll in it.

Our bodies are made of energy. When we hold these visualizations in our inner mind we send that signal out to the Universe. I can visualize what ever I choose.

Depending on how good we choose to have life, and the level of genuine enjoyment we have doing this meditation is the exact response we are going to get from the Universe.
In another words ( Determination in Visualization + Personal Power = Justified Manifestation).

Believe : The progress of the individual is largely determined by my ruling mental state. All the weight of our request is determined on our ability to let go and not choose to force anything. I must go with the flow. Know that what ever I am choosing to manifest is already here. Its in my life right now, but in a different form. As I persist with my intentions I will see the form mold around what I have chosen to become. I can only have what I am willing to become.

Receive :  To receive anything and have  it come back in my live I must feel that I deserve it in my life. Every single day there are going to be gifts that we have manifested in my life. Deeply acknowledging that we deserve the complements, kind gestures, romantic surprises, and free stuff and I will allow it to keep coming back.  

Note : What ever I give I will receive. If I give money, good advice, praise, or anything else, I am setting a pattern to receive the same wave of energy.

Universal Laws :
  1. Law of Thinking : The most powerful force Mankind is capable of is thinking. A thought can travel around the earth many times in under one second. The progress of any Man or Woman is largely determined my their ruling mental state. The human brain is living magnificence. What ever we think about is what will show up in our life. What ever we think about is what the unconscious mind thinks we love. 
  2. Law of Supply : There is an infinite supply of money, love, joy, or what ever I choose. Every thing is made from the same thing, energy. The Universe has no understanding of money, the Universe thinks money is dirt. Its all energy. Our skin, heart, our sun that is 93 million miles away from earth, our car, the ocean, the other million stars in our galaxy, and the many galaxies in our Universe, are all made of the same thing, Energy.
  3. Law of Attraction : The law of attraction is really the law of vibration. Our body is made of vibrating energy, and what ever pattern of vibration we set inside our body is exactly what we are going to see attracted into our life. In another words, if we choose good in our life, we need to stop thinking about the negative. If we think anti-war or pro-war. We are still setting the vibration pattern of war and will naturally attract war into our lives.
  4. Law of Receiving : Giving is the first fundamental law of life. We must willingly give and graciously receive. Using perception we can instantly see that genuine giving will bring genuine getting. Give what we think we would enjoy getting back. It funny how the law is called receiving but all that is in this definition is giving. To get we must give. When we receive we must be grateful and genuinely acknowledge that we deserve what ever we have manifested in our lives. Click Here To Give  
  5. Law of Increase  : If we are to increase anything in our life, we must praise it. If someone was to praise me for my efforts I would move to expand on what I am doing and grow in that prosperous way. That is the law of increase. When I praise, It is a direct thought of positive growth. That positive growth will come back to the source or the person praising. (Praise = Loving Energy) When we put loving energy into anything, we are going to get that back.
  6. Law of Compensation :  The amount of money or good I receive in life will be based on the need for what I do, my ability to do it, and the difficulty in replacing me. How good am I at what I do? Only I know what I do, and only I know if I am good at it. The Universe will provide what ever I ask for, but I must provide a service. I must focus on getting better at what I do everyday. The law of compensation also applies to any relationship. The amount of love I will receive is determined by the need for what I do, my ability to do it, and the difficulty in replacing me. How good am I in my relationship?
  7. Law of Non - Resistance : How do I live in harmony with the Law. Resistance is a signal that I am moving into a new area. I must not resist the resistance. What ever I resist persists. This is one of most important laws. The secret is to not react but to respond. React is a habit, respond is to think. Think of the martial art Aikido. This martial art allows the person being attacked to gracefully move out of the way of the attack, and never attack back. When I meet something in my life that is sending resistance, I must move out of the way and let it keep going. What ever I resit, will persist.
  8. Law of Forgiveness : Forgive yourself. Never have guilt. Forgive means to let go completely. Don't hold any resentment. I can't hold bad thoughts in my mind and move forward in a positive way. No one can for me to think something I don't choose to think. I must for give myself and forgive others. Let it go. When it comes back, Let it go. Forgiving  allows me to let go of the energy holding me down, and allow that energy to flow into what I choose to manifest.
  9. Law of Sacrifice : Sacrifice will bring much good in my life. Sacrifice is the law of giving up something of a lower nature, to receive something of a higher nature. example : I am going to give up TV and video games to receive the job promotion or a partner. What can I sacrifice to bring something bigger into my life? This is a faith based understating, and a concept of discipline. I must create space for what I desire. Either I start creating or I will disintegrate.
  10. Law of Obedience : I am a builder of my own life. I have all the materials I need.  I can either build in ignorance or intelligence, according to my understanding of the universal laws and my use of them in my life. He who is obedient to nature will later become a master and reap a full harvest.
  11. Law of Success : Universe intends every individual to succeed. The law of the universe denies me nothing. The powers born in Man are inexhaustible. Everyone contains the capacity for endless development. This is the Law of the Universe.      

Teamwork Manifestation : Both partners will be focusing on a specific idea. This could be anything that they choose. All that must be done is that both partner agree on what they choose to have together, and then imagine the team in that scenario together. As the team grows towards what they choose, what they choose grows towards them.

Creating Freedom : Both Man and Woman must have a genuine feeling of freedom to manifest what they choose. To create freedom is to cut attachment. Attachment to everything. As I praise everything and everyone around me. I will be cutting my attachment to them and becoming more free. Praise and be free.

Sacred Divine Exercise : Throughout the day I will send praise to my partner. I will internally say and feel and infinite amount of joy and love for my partner. I will hope my partner is feeling the joy that I am feeling right now. I will visualize what we desire. My partner and I desire to be free on our own land with a yurt (house) and some gardens. I will send praise to my partner wishing that she will have that in her life and then bring that feeling deep inside me and visualize both of us there now. Then I will open my eyes and realize how grateful I am for what is around me. The next step is to expect is to come. We expect our vibration to be heard from the Universe. First we desire and then we expect. We do not expect or demand anything from one another, but we do expect our group desire to manifest. If I was to expect something from her then I will be applying my attention to control her power.

Sacred Divine Love Making : Give praise while making love. This is one of the most power connections to be made. While connected become very still and internally wish your partner to feel the infinite joy pouring out of your penis or vagina. Visualize what the team desires. IE... abundance of money, food, water, shelter, love, and joy. This is so powerful. Both partners need to do this at the same time, while connected. One only needs to do this once to see the true power of what this holds. Then do this every day. This act changes the bedrock of who I am.

 Spiritual Love Making - Personal Power - Manifestation 

Spiritual Love Making, Personal Power, and Manifestation are three pieces to the puzzle.

Note : Dedicate the next few weeks to applying this material in your life. It only takes a few week for something to become habit. When something gets in your way, forgive it and let go. Use these Universal laws and Spiritual Love Making. Gain personal power. Master life and reap the harvest. I hope the best for you. I believe in you. Choose to deserve and become what you choose.

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